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July Community Volunteer of the Month

Doris NorrisDoris Norris LIVES UNITED by helping others feel better.  United Way’s Volunteer connection is proud to recognize Doris Norris as the Community Volunteer of the Month. 

As an outstanding volunteer in our community, Doris Norris lives her life helping others feel better through her smile and actively listening and talking with them. Her kind approach in making others’ lives better is what makes Doris stand out amongst her peers.

Doris has been in Dayton for 48 years and is a Patient and Family Services Volunteer at Dayton Children’s Hospital. When her 12-year-old son was hit by a car, he was hospitalized.  She prayed for him to get better, and if he did, she would volunteer at Children’s Hospital. Her son did recover, and she began volunteering at the facility in October of 2001 with the idea that she wanted to hold babies and help them to relax and feel better in her arms.

Doris was offered the volunteer position to distribute donuts and coffee and talk with parents and families about their experiences. She feels it is a blessing to be able to talk to parents and make them feel better. Doris is able to provide comfort to families, and encouraged a mother to pray and work through God for strength and support. The next time she saw her, that mother’s child was doing better. Doris believes that volunteering at the hospital helps others to understand a child’s illness better when they see the effects of it for themselves, rather than simply hearing about it. This makes you feel good about yourself because you are able to help others and see its effect on their lives.

Doris NorrisDoris volunteers 2 days per week, 4 and a half hours per day. She works on a variety of units, and she really enjoys talking to parents and staff about how they are doing. She brings donuts to the parents and offers a listening ear or a hug, and it makes her feel good to provide support to those around her. They are her “friends away from home.”

Doris is also actively involved in her church, Mt. Enon. She volunteers as a greeter, helps make summer lunches for children, visits nursing homes, and is active with her family in the Dayton area, babysitting grandkids and visiting with her 3 kids as well.

Doris wants to encourage and inspire others to volunteer at Dayton Children’s. She says it is a pleasure to work with the staff and volunteers there, and she wants those interested to try it. “Pay is what you feel in the heart,” she says. “It is easy to be kind and treat people how you would want to be treated.” Her approach to making people feel better is to be kind, and smile.

United Way’s Volunteer Connection is proud to recognize Doris Norris as the Community Volunteer of the Month for July. 

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"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else."

Booker T. Washington

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