Nonprofit Organizations Forum
Addressing the Challenges of Local Nonprofits

Presented by The Dayton Foundation, Montgomery County and United Way of the Greater Dayton Area, this special seminar was held on April 6, 2011, for nonprofit CEO's, executive directors, development officers and Board leadership to address the challenges facing local nonprofits and identify potential solutions and resources.

More than 200 nonprofit leaders gathered throughout the course of the day.  Participants learned at the morning session that those organizations that receive significant public-sector funding will face serious challenges.  We want to encourage everyone to take advantage of the toolkit that was discussed, especially the Nonprofit Alliance Support Program (through The Dayton Foundation) and SCORE, as you evaluate your alternatives.  Your collaborative spirit is needed now more than ever.

The Dayton Foundation, Montgomery County and United Way have committed to hosting a follow up Forum later this fall to continue the idea-sharing conversation and to hear the progress on the strategies that began to develop in April. 

Follow-Up Letter from Allen Elijah, Deborah Lieberman and Michael Parks.

Download the full report "Against All Odds".

Download the Meeting Summary.
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